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Happy New Year and a new release!

Hi all,

We hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays and are energized for a new year of security! We’re happy to announce a new version, 1.6, which has been tagged as latest. Those of you pulling images from DockerHub can enjoy the latest release by updating your server and honeypots with:

docker-compose stop && docker-compose pull && docker compose up -d

We’ve had this one running in our production environment for several weeks at this point, and briefly considered a Christmas week release, but decided it would be more of a gift to wait until after the holidays from an operational perspective. 🙂

This release includes some nice new features including:

  • Tagging of honeypot type when submitting to CIF
  • Initial (alpha) UHP support
  • Automatic TLS certificate provisioning on CHN-Server via LetsEncrypt
  • More logging format options with hpfeeds-logger (json!)

There’s also numerous bug fixes, including one for those upgrading from older versions that haven’t seen the pre-provisioned Deploy scripts show up yet. This fix ensures that those scripts are always populated when updating versions.

As always, please give these new versions a run in your environment and let us know how they perform. Visit our Github site to file issues or ask questions…


Happy hunting!



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