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Getting started

CHN aims to make deployments honeypots and honeypot management tools easy and flexible. The default deployment method uses Docker Compose and Docker to deploy with a few simple commands. Want to jump right in an get started? Deploy a honeypot management server and sample honeypot in minutes with the Server Install Guide.

With flexibility in mind, though, all parts of the project can be deployed separately, on hosts supporting Docker or other container technology. Check the advanced configuration documentation, or deploying to cloud providers.

Join private STINGAR mailing list

Interested parties are encouraged to interact with the team via the project Github pages or in the Gitter IM community, which gives us a public space for quick questions.

Academic institutions can email Alex Merck at team-stingar@duke.edu to be added to the private STINGAR mailing list and Slack workspace.

Please include information about your organization’s interest in the STINGAR project in your request.